BA541Case17 - BA 541 Business Ethics Lesson#9 Assignment#3...

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BA 541 Business Ethics Lesson #9 Assignment #3 Read Case #17, "What’s Written Versus Reality: Ethical Dilemmas in a Hi-Tech Public Relations Firm," on pages 341-350 of Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach (4th Edition). Consider and respond to the following questions. 1. How would you conduct yourself regarding each of the seven dilemmas if you were a PRI employee? Explain. I would not likely be a very popular employee at PRI, as I would abide by the rules and have little flexibility in interpreting them or carrying them out. There is nothing wrong with competition, but there is no room for dishonesty or unprofessionalism. At the end of the day, I have to answer to myself—not to a company or an industry. I would also put myself in the shoes of the clients and ask what they would want or need and how they would want to be treated. In the seven dilemmas listed, I would have problems in dealing with most of the situations. If the client with the biggest budget wins, then skills, services, and talents do not factor as much into the equation of a successful firm as they should. These qualities are what clients come to PR firms for in the first place. I also feel that confidentiality and integrity of client information is imperative in any business, but it would be difficult to “forget” domain experience and not use it to one’s advantage with future clients. In terms of employee poaching, there seems to be consideration for doing so if the
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BA541Case17 - BA 541 Business Ethics Lesson#9 Assignment#3...

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