BA541Case20 - BA 541 Business Ethics Lesson #9 Assignment...

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BA 541 Business Ethics Lesson #9 Assignment #2 Read Case #20, "Women on Wall Street: Fighting for Equality in a Male-Dominated Industry," on pages 423-430 of Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach (4th Edition). Consider and respond to the following questions. 1. Is business ethics relevant to the topic and examples in this case or is this just business as usual? Explain. It is my hope that this is not business as usual—regardless of the field. I had never experienced any significant discrimination for being a female until I moved to Utah and joined an all-male business. Although some situations have been bothersome to deal with, it has allowed me the opportunity to examine my own ethics and how I choose to react to any given situation. I have been angry and disappointed with my treatment at times, but not reacting in a manner to stoop to their level gives me the power. It also earns the respect of those partners and staff members that do support me. Further, it helps expose those whose ethics are questionable as their behavior in itself demonstrates their true colors for all to see. 2. What are the ethical implications of the one-time arbitration requirement that prevented Wall Street employees from seeking redress through the court system? This implies that the problems will only come to light if revealed, and even so, they have the potential to be swept under the rug by being handled internally. By not allowing the public to be made aware of some embarrassing data and incidences, the firm has no motivation to implement stern policies against discrimination and the changes needed to prevent further incidents. This has the further implication that the “Ol’ Boys’ Club” can take care of the issues
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BA541Case20 - BA 541 Business Ethics Lesson #9 Assignment...

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