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Casper Notes - Week 1 TECH Scientific spirit of the 19th...

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Week 1: TECH: Scientific spirit of the 19 th century Machine ultimate power o Persistence of vision – phenomena of eye & brain from image A-->B, the brain makes the connection Thaumatrope – to turn out wonder, image on coin & flipped on string to appear together o Still photography o Motion picture camera – like a gun, rifle, with 12 rotating glass plates in a second o Film stock or celluloid By 1929 the amount of frames that passed through a projector was 24 per second o Printer – from negative to actual color o Projector – the hand of a clock 1 st film 1895 – train into the station 1927 put sound on film Make you aware of things in your life you weren’t aware of BUSINNESS: Make $ of the phenomenon Movies met the need of urbanization Movies where cheap – 5 cents Formed a community of shared feelings Tapped into what human beings longed for Put us in touch with our own instincts Movies are dreaming, better than dreaming because we cream alone – we watch movies together therefore we dream together Producer (financial role) – distributor (release film) – exhibitor (rent film to show to public) Put movies in Vaudeville, right before intermission 1905 1 st auditorium for movies in Pittsburgh called the Nickelodeon for 200-300 people 1915 building movie houses Spitting out new mythology – Hollywood mythology Gone after post war If you control the movie – its beauty & mystery will never reveal itself to you ART FORM: Physically stimulate us Capture out hearts Something to mull about
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When you grow you’ve experienced art Art – abyss calling to abyss All art is entertainment, but not all entertainment is art Art endure the test of time The traditional arts: o Plot o Theatre o Painting o Dance o Architecture CULTRUAL PRODUCT: Subject to society To satisfy mass audiences Reinforce, reflects, ignore, idealize, transform, culture Week 2: LITERARY DESIGN: Script, screenplay, scenario – that which get the deal started Original, adaptation –novels, plays, records, short story, TV The elements of a writer’s script o Characters o Dialogue o Actions o Setting A visual, oral framework Director puts in technical revamps – director’s script, shooting script Film text – the movie on screen, the film itself Published script comes from the finished film Writer’s script is springboard The writer is not the author of the movie Development – bringing in other writers Play to culture Writer who directs his work Joseph Mankiewicz had to change words and actions to fit his new actresses Chaplin took his work to audience so the audience is writers Script is delivered, the writer is done Writer’s commercial success, stays on production
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Casper Notes - Week 1 TECH Scientific spirit of the 19th...

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