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Roy Parker 4125916851 WRIT 140 Trisha Hubbs 02/01/11 “The Us Generation” Although perceived by our elders to be lackadaisical and out of touch due to the prominence of technology in our lives, this generation continuously takes a stand for itself and will be just as revolutionary as generations past because of our dedication to the further progress of the world, as evidenced by our satisfaction of the current state of living and determination to not let it slip away from us, and our independence as a whole generation, as evidenced by our acceptance of new social norms and ability to make goals for ourselves. This generation is defined by its critics to be characterized by its obsession with Facebook, cell phones, and postmodernism within itself. Though in all actuality, the things that define this generation are our eagerness to take advantage of the many opportunities and privileges that are offered and the strengthening autonomy of our generation, which encompasses our new beliefs and ways of thinking. As mentioned previously, this generation gets a bad rap from generations before us. We bear the burden of expectation. Instead of being encouraged to go out and be politically active and to support causes that we believe in, we get criticized for not doing those things. It has been said that we are non-committal, a letdown generation, and too self-absorbed to actually get out and do something. Generations previous were the ones that boycotted the Vietnam War, called for equal rights for women and for African 1
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Americans, and ultimately were the ones that caused the changes to society to what it is today. And this generation is expected to rise up when the occasion is needed and perform acts as revolutionary as those. These levels of expectations are ludicrous to expect out of this generation when the amount of crucial social change is not needed for us to go out and be prosperous. There are things for us to go out and try to change for the greater good, but the critics are too busy assuming that because we are not out changing the social status left and right that we are failing for them to actually see what it is that we are in fact doing. There is one critic though that this generation does listen to- ourselves. As
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A-1 - 1 Roy Parker 4125916851 WRIT 140 Trisha Hubbs The Us...

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