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A-3 article notes - The Artificial Womb: A Pilot Study...

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The Artificial Womb: A Pilot Study Considering People’s Views on the Artificial Womb and Ectogenesis in Israel Society is also pressing toward this end, because, at large, it aims at saving premature newborns and (rightly so) demands better outcomes in IVF (88).” “…might be a solution to avoid the need of a surrogate for women who want a baby but lack a womb (for any reason) and possibly for homosexual male couples. It might also appeal to women who may need IVF to reproduce; women may save time, pain, depression, and endless frustration (when embryos fail to implant, for instance). Generally, the AW may prevent damage to women’s health because it may avoid short- and/or long-term negative effects during (or after) a pregnancy (88).” “… Smajdor suggests that ectogenesis could also achieve women’s equality, because a woman who wants a child might not be forced necessarily to slow down her career because of a pregnancy (88).” “… ectogenesis is the process and the artificial womb is the tool… (88)” “…in this study, more women than men preferred to bear all the risks and burdens of gestation and child- birth traditionally associated with womanhood (92).” “Although people in this survey were markedly against using AW for
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A-3 article notes - The Artificial Womb: A Pilot Study...

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