A-4 - 1 Roy Parker Trisha Hubbs WRIT 140, A-4 4/7/11...

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Roy Parker Trisha Hubbs WRIT – 140, A-4 4/7/11 (Revision 4/29/11) Inspired by Fictional Events “Tonight’s the night,” says Dexter Morgan to himself every time before he goes and fulfills that longing inside of him for human blood. The character, known from the Showtime program Dexter as well as the original novels by Jeff Lindsay, is usually identified as a sympathetic serial killer for he only kills those who deserve to die. But the occurances of Dexter Morgan in the fictional television world have made their way into the real world in two separate but gruesome murders by Andrew Conley and Mark Twitchell, for both men cite the TV show and its main character as inspirations for their acts of violence. Many studies and defenders of TV have claimed for years that TV violence does not actually make people go out and commit crimes. While television may not be the starting catalyst for violent acts, it can serve as the final push needed for disturbed and impressionable people. Taking this into consideration, the Conley and Twitchell cases invalidate the longstanding claim that violence has no direct affect on its viewers because they both blame television for inspiring them to kill. For the vast majority of people taking in this violence, they are doing just that – taking it in. They are not going out and repeating the acts in real life that they witness on the shows they watch. But there are those in the world who watch television who are not like the rest of the people who do. These people may be insane or deeply troubled from experiences in their own lives regardless of any television influence. If these people see television shows that have characters that are similarly struggling with life and find the 1
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best way for them to deal with their problems is through violent acts, this can affect the unstable viewer. Watching a character such as Dexter finding solace as well as getting away with his actions can give people such as Conley and Twitchell a way for them to fix their problems without the character or the program that the character comes from actually being the problem. Both Andrew Conley and Mark Twitchell cited Dexter Morgan as someone with
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A-4 - 1 Roy Parker Trisha Hubbs WRIT 140, A-4 4/7/11...

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