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PHL 212 Essay #1 - Thomas Javett PHL 212 Sermon on the...

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Thomas Javett PHL 212 Sermon on the Mount 4/2/11 Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. Christians claim that Jesus is the son of God incarnated and believe that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified. The Sermon on the Mount represents the first teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. This sermon represents Christian morality according to Jesus. Followers of Jesus want to live by these morals, but Jesus makes it impossible to live by his standards. Through the teachings of Jesus many interpretations and implications can be made on how to live a morally correct Christian life, which is virtually impossible. Jesus starts the sermon by stating eight different virtues and sating rewards for those virtues. Jesus begins these virtues by stating “Happy are those,” meaning that people will be rewarded for living by the following virtues: Humbleness will result in the kingdom of heaven; compassion will be rewarded with comfort; meekness will lead to the promised land; obedience will lead to fulfillment; charity will lead to admission to the presence of God; peacefulness will lead to acceptance by God; and patience will lead to heavenly blessings. These rewards are not- self serving. The rewards are given to an individual during salvation, meaning after death. Those who fail to follow these virtues do not follow Jesus’ path to salvation. These blessings are Jesus’ code of conduct. Jesus continues his sermon by stating analogies that pertain to his followers (Zunjic).
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Jesus then preaches the importance of his disciples to mankind. “You are like salt for
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PHL 212 Essay #1 - Thomas Javett PHL 212 Sermon on the...

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