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Kristine L. Choi #20879758 March 16, 2011 History 4B Hunger and Thirst in “Book I” There is comparison and contrast throughout Book I and related to the Bible. The opposing forces of the Devil and God are clearly portrayed. Such detailed and strong words are depicted to tell a journey and the battles fought by the Christians. Contrastingly, very deep and explicit words explain the evil and cruelty mentioned throughout the journey. When mentioning wicked aspects, the writer inputs very strong and negative words to make the passage more evil than the wicked people already are while the writers uses very glorifying or precious words to explain the opposing side. The choice of words in Book I is very distinguishable between what is good and what is evil and allures the audience to side on the Christians and feeling negatively against the evil forces. The three evil forces mentioned were of hunger, thirst and cold. To be good person, one must be “good and faithful, and free from hypocrisy”
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