AOI FINAL (revised) Choi Kristine

AOI FINAL (revised) Choi Kristine - Choi 1 Kristine L. Choi...

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Kristine L. Choi 15 March 2011 ESPM 90 AOI FINAL Environmental Psychology and Law Policy I. Introduction: I was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles and I was never aware of environmental issues erupting in our society. I wished that I learned at a young age to conserve and preserve our nature. Upon reaching high school, I discovered a non-profit organization called P.A.V.A. (Pacific American Volunteer Association). P.A.V.A. had a main goal to preserve the environment and through environmental awareness, encourage people to work together in such projects as “The Annual Coastal Clean-Up”. I formulated this goal by creating P.A.V.A club at my high school as the founder and President. However, the seed of truly desiring an intimate relationship with nature spurred inside of me as I entered the campus of Berkeley. I grew a strong passion to learn more about the environment and really understand the processes. Then, it hit me as I walked past the Oxford Research Unit and Natural Resources Laboratory that we, as people, are heavily dependent on our environment and without it, we would not survive. I realized that people and nature hold a deep, symbiotic relationship: in turn for cultivating and caring for nature, nature will provide fresh air and food for us. Thus, considering the fact that we and the environment need each other and are dependent on one another, I believe that we, in essence, hold a necessary partnership with the environment. Upon coming to Berkeley as an undergraduate, I was astonished how beautiful and caring the environment really was. Berkeley made me mature by altering my perspective and lifestyle drastically from being a rural teen to a nature nurturer. My active participation has fostered in me a profound love and appreciation for nature and the environment, a love that is akin to what I feel for my home. As an experienced P.A.V.A. President, I desire to enter the College of Natural Resources major, Conservation of Resource Studies, to explore my fascination in environmental psychology and law policy through studying natural ecosystems, which will train me to pay closer attention to the underlying meaning of various environmental and global issues. Like every seed that is planted desires to spread out its branches and become a tree, my seed inside is growing and I want to be a better citizen and commit my life to saving and protecting the beauty of nature. To immerse myself in such an environment can only serve to increase my awareness of environmental issues and appreciation for nature. CRS major is great for me because I know I can sink my roots into its flexibility of interests and flourish as an environmental lawyer and a leader for the environment. 1
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AOI FINAL (revised) Choi Kristine - Choi 1 Kristine L. Choi...

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