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EXAM 2 OBJECTIVES FROM THE TEXTBOOK (Fundamentals of Management) Chapter 3: Decision-Making 1. What is the sunk costs error? (p. 63) 2. What is the randomness bias? (p. 63 ) 3. What is the hindsight bias? (p. 63) 4. What is the difference between a procedure, a rule and a policy? (p. 68-69) Chapter 5: Organizational Structure and Culture 5. What is the customer departmentalization? (p. 126) 6. What is the geographic departmentalization? (p. 126)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What is process departmentalization? (p. 126-127) 8. What is a cross-functional team? (p. 127) 9. What is a mechanistic organization? (p. 134) 10. What is an organic organization? (p. 134-135) 11. What is a project structure? (p. 140) 12. What is a boundaryless organization? (p. 141) 13. What is a virtual organization? (p. 141) 14. What is a network organization? (p. 141)...
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