Exam One Objectives from Text

Exam One Objectives from Text - 11. Whats unrelated...

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MGT 3200 Exam One Objectives from the Textbook (Fundamentals of Management) & Assigned Outside Reading (Moodle) TEXTBOOK OBJECTIVES 1. What’s a multi-national corporation? (p. 33) 2. What’s a multi-domestic corporation? (p. 33) 3. What’s a global corporation? transnational or borderless organization? (p. 33) 4. How organizations go global? (p. 34) 5. What’s the difference between franchising and licensing? (p. 34) 6. What’s a global strategic alliance? joint venture? (p. 35) 7. What’s a foreign subsidiary? (p. 35) 8. What’s the downside of a foreign subsidiary? (p. 35) 9. What does the Japanese term, kaizen, mean? (p. 49) 10. What is horizontal integration? (p. 90)
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Whats unrelated diversification? Related diversification? (p. 90) ASSIGNED OUTSIDE READING OBJECTIVES 12. What does the article, When competitive advantage is neither, say about competitive benchmarking as a strategy? 13. What does the article, Avoid pricing yourself short, say about competing on price as a strategy for attracting customers? 14. Questions from the Business Week article, Whats in a Phrase? A. What did Emergences second annual slogan study reveal? B. Whats the simple lesson regarding slogans? C. What are the three rules in slogan-making?...
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Exam One Objectives from Text - 11. Whats unrelated...

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