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Kevin Phillips Psyc 100 9/13/10 Journal 2 The show Hoarders is a documentary style real-life show in which they observed people with a problem with hoarding. Hoarding is when an individual is obsessed or attached to items and has a very difficult time letting go of these items, and usually never will. Their homes fill up with useless items that they have the inability to get rid of and soon they are hardly capable of walking through their house at all. One family’s situation was that the mother was a compulsive buyer and the father was an extreme hoarder. The mother had lost her father at a young age and only felt happiness through shopping. The father had grown up learning from his father that you can always make use of anything you have. This combination lead to terrible living conditions and their children would be in danger of being taken by child protection services. The other older woman on the show had been obsessed with buying food whenever it is at a low price, even when unnecessary
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