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IB106-ESES 126-GEOL 106 Discussion Activity: Week 4 Due: Before section, 14-16 September 2010 CLIMATE CHANGE EVIDENCE GOAL: To understand how changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide affect the surface temperature of the Earth. Global warming, climate change, and our "carbon footprint" – the amount of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) that we put into the atmosphere – are often the subject of documentary films and news reports. But what does global warming really mean? Why does the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere so strongly affect the temperature of the Earth? Your assignment this week is to watch a recent public talk by Dr. Michael Schlesinger, UIUC professor and one of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Nobel Laureates. The IPCC shared the Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice-President Gore in 2007. Dr. Schlesinger’s talk is somewhat technical, but provides one of the most comprehensive on-line explanations of the evidence for, and the mechanics behind, global warming. The video is available online at: http://vimeo.com/2751422 . Use the questions below to focus your viewing and to prepare for an in-class discussion
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Week_4_pre_class_assignment_Climate_Change_Evidence -...

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