Industrial REvo and its critics - “businessman’s...

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Industrial REvo and its critics New social classes “Captains of industry” middle classes – new money not inheritant … dislike rich aristocrats who inherited money from ancestors because they did not earn it. At this time middle class was only about 15%. working classes – result of industrialization. Accumulation of large number of workers like never seen b4. Walk to work everyday, large communal setting, use machines at work. Aristocrats feared monarchys and centralized gov The coming of the time of machines The wealth of nations – adam smith -
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Unformatted text preview: “businessman’s bible” – impressed by early industrialization. Doesn’t want government to hold back ingenuity of workers. Industrial novelists – Charles Dickins. Most popoular – Hard Times. Describes in detail the lives of city based factory workers. Liberal reform tradition – Som and communism – 3 rd critical response to industrial. New thoughts of ideology. Replace capitalism system . generated wealth is sharded equally and communally Karl Marx & Engels -...
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Industrial REvo and its critics - “businessman’s...

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