384_F08_Midterm - Accounting 384 - Midterm Fall 2008 (150...

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Accounting 384 - Midterm Fall 2008 (150 points) Name__________________________________ Section _________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE (15 questions @ 4 points each = 60 total points) Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Information that does not omit important aspects of the underlying events or activities that it measures is a) Complete b) Accessible c) Relevant d) Timely 2. When two knowledgeable people acting independently each produce the same information, this information is said to be a) Complete b) Relevant c) Reliable d) Verifiable 3. An accounting information system must be able to perform which of the following tasks? a) collect transaction data b) process transaction data c) provide adequate controls d) all of the above 4. The business owners obtain financing from outside investors, which results in an inflow of cash into the company. This transaction is considered to be part of which cycle? a) the revenue cycle b) the payroll cycle c) the production cycle d) the financing cycle 5. Businesses usually use some type of documents in the data input step of the data processing cycle. Documents that are sent to customers or suppliers and then sent back to the organization in the course of a business transaction are known as a) turnaround documents. b) source documents. c) source data automation. d) rubber or bounce-back documents. Score on page_______
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Acct 384 Fall 2008 - Midterm Page 2 6. A listing of general ledger accounts by account number is called the 1. chart of accounts. 2. listing of accounts. 3. trial balance. 4. subsidiary accounts. 7. Something about which information is stored is a) attribute b) database c) entity d) record 8. What is the most popular type of database? a) hierarchical b) relational c) object-oriented d) network 9. Creating an empty table in a relational database requires use of the __________, and filling that table requires the use of __________. a)
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384_F08_Midterm - Accounting 384 - Midterm Fall 2008 (150...

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