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due fri july 2 2010 - o o o What motivation theories may...

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o What motivation theories may be found in this case study? o Describe the theory(ies) found in this case study and cite specific examples. o What was the business owner’s approach to creating high-performing teams within this company? One motivational theory that I found to be significant would be the descriptions of how Mary Ellen Sheets started with just an amount of $350 as her only capital investment. That was very encouraging to me as far as investments go and handling numbers. That could not make things anymore inspiring for me. Another insight I was astonished by was how Mary Ellen was still employed in the first comings of her business. She held onto her job for quite sometime according to the article she had been into the business of this moving service for about three years before she took on this side project as a full-time priority. I mean she was very wise to utilize a common income by funding her business and lifestyle around it. To incorporate this would take very strict time managing I’d
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