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Brochure part 1 - Gus Arrieta Job Fair Brochure Text...

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Gus Arrieta Job Fair Brochure – Text details BUS/210 July 4 th , 2010 Nancy G. Martinez
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The market for hookah lounges in the U.S. has spread incredibly fast in the past decade. According to Palo Alto Software (1996-2010), ”Hookah-bars.com reports that as of October 2008, there were at least 470 hookah bars in the U.S. and an average of five new hookah bars were opening every month. ” (Hookah Bar Business Plan, para. 1-9). From the numbers that are present, we see how hookah has become a social convention with booming promises for those who embrace the culture. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share this time with you to introduce a movement that in definite time will establish ground locally and soon expanding across the country. This is an invitation to a behind the scenes look at the new Arz Al- Lubnan Hookah bar. Arz Al-Lubnan is a Hookah tobacco-pipe smoking lounge that incorporates the roots of heritage into its scenery to establish its natural culture to a diversity-filled society. The Lounge offers a design combination fused together with
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