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first assignment.........due wed.5-28-10

first assignment.........due wed.5-28-10 - Checkpoint due...

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Checkpoint due Friday 5/28/2010 Vitamin Shoppe City Of Industry, CA Product name : USP Labs Anabolic Pump The Product Anabolic Pump by USP Labs is a supplement that incorporates the burn fat, gain muscle results through maintaining a high complex carb diet. The idea is to intake carbs to utilize as energy for a proper workout routine and diet. The bottle itself incorporates an almost “typical” anatomic physique/silhouette of a male in the background of the label on the bottle. The appearance of the man is in a reddish meets shades of black color, and then behind him a deep midnight blue background to give a scientific approach to the product. The man is positioned with arms outstretched across both left and right sides. No facial expression actually no facial detail at all. The image of the man is like a doll or mannequin. The pills in the bottle are a bright yellow capsule that has the product label on them as well the pills look intense in my opinion to the choice of color.
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