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Checkpointsept10th2010 - Checkpoint Internet Privacy 1...

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Checkpoint: Internet Privacy 1 Checkpoint: Internet Privacy Gus Arrieta BIS/219 September 10, 2010 Shawn Rieder DM/IST, MBA, MIS
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Checkpoint: Internet Privacy 2 Internet Privacy In our lives we are susceptible to privacy invasion through the electronic retrieval of our personal data and information, which may be duplicated and maliciously misused. Home computer usage relies on the dependency that personal information is safeguarded. Through safeguarded systems like firewalls, anti-virus software, and through the use of passwords and ID's for access, most personal information ensures protection. This expectation should carry out to further environments like the social workplace. Considering employee information, particular caution should be used when handling company information. Simple as this, Web access should not be accessed during work for any purpose other than outside of work requirements. Sadly this does not follow through. Personal
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