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ClubIT part1 week4 - Gus Arrieta XBIS/219 Club IT Part 1 1...

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Gus Arrieta XBIS/219 Club IT Part 1 1 Gus Arrieta Club IT part 1 XBIS/219 August 19th, 2010 Shawn Rieder In this day and age, Information goes a long way. Information technology
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Gus Arrieta XBIS/219 Club IT Part 1 2 establishes many routes to provide this wide array of information provided in our everyday life. Considering the functionality of the Internet, the components made available through the web are entitled into our everyday tasks and requests. Internet supports everything these days. From movie theatre or concert tickets, to airline fares as well as appliances and clothing purchases made via online. Processed requests are also made online like driving directions or contact provider accounts like for cable and telephone have support teams via online. For example, The Verizon (2010) website offers various support to both residential and other registered personal and franchise businesses. Options for support are categorized from Internet, wireless, to phone connectivity. This qualifies the consumer to have reliance to the business in any time of need or request. Companionship like this to the consumer is very essential because it allows the business an open feedback. Especially a 24-hour support system like this. It makes a convenience to the customer to feel like the company not only cares, but also is always there for them. The feedback generated from many IT and IS systems like this conducts very crucial data that administers the satisfaction rates in the business personally through customers themselves. It is like presenting a survey in disguise to
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  • Spring '08
  • Interpersonal relationship, Stephen Covey, Zhi Gang Sha, Gus Arrieta, Gus Arrieta XBIS/219, Arrieta XBIS/219 Club

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