Essay,Paragraph,& Proofreading Checklist

Essay,Paragraph,& Proofreading Checklist -...

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Essay-Writing Checklist Yes Have I written about a topic appropriate for the assignment? Have I sufficiently researched the topic using credible sources? Have I clearly understood why I am writing—to inform, to persuade, or to narrate, for example? Do I show clear audience awareness by targeting the topic toward a specific group in terms of approach, language, tone, and chosen details? Does the essay have at least five paragraphs of which one paragraph is an introduction and one is a conclusion? Is the thesis statement—the main point of the essay—clearly recognizable in the introductory paragraph? Does it have 25 words or fewer? Does the introduction grab the reader’s attention and make clear what the essay is about? Have I avoided flat statements of intention, such as “The purpose of this essay is . . .”? Do the body or developmental paragraphs clearly relate to some aspect of the thesis statement? Are the paragraphs, and the points discussed within each, relatively uniform
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Essay,Paragraph,& Proofreading Checklist -...

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