incoporating feedback due sunday - 5-16-10

incoporating feedback due sunday - 5-16-10 - I will try my...

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Gus Arrieta Incorporating feedback COM/150 May 20,2010 Leisha Anderson Address the following: What feedback did you receive from your instructor? It seems overall I’m pretty good with the essay as far as being substantial for credit. There was a general appreciation for my essay. . From the peer reviewer? Basically, according to appendix G, I had a good point overall on my essay, however there were moments where I did not have a complete sharp detail on it. I needed details specifically on the part of cohabitation. From the Center for Writing Excellence? The CWE needed me to address certain views on the first person perspective as well as certain word usages in the essay. The essay didn’t have any major editing at all really just an overall gander towards a more effectiveness in the way my essay gets presented. Explain how you will incorporate the feedback into your paper.
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Unformatted text preview: I will try my best to incorporate all the feedback by making such changes and observations on the outside views provided through both peer review and CWE. Not to mention, the instructor as well. How does this feedback improve your expository essay? This type of essay will most definitely improve my essay in a way that promises more clarity. All eyes of readers are different, but this can identify more clarity for my potential audience. Being all ears for suggestions merits the communication skills and where to dare travel What feedback did you choose not to include? Possibly the overall suggestive word usage that comes from CWE. I think that the CWE sometimes generalizes how an essay should be written, however I believe that the essay have a better effect in the word usage it already has. I will consider some of the corrections and take them for good use....
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