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1. 2. CheckPoint: Peer Review of Expository Essay Resources: Appendix G; Constructive Feedback Tutorial; Revising, Peer Reviewing, and Proofreading, and the Center for Writing Excellence. Complete the Constructive Feedback Tutorial on the student website. Perform a peer review of a classmate’s expository essay, which your instructor places in your Individual forum on Day 1. Fill in each block of the Peer Review Checklist in Appendix G. Post the completed Peer Review Checklist in your Individual forum as an attachment. Retain the Peer Review Checklist you receive from your reviewer to submit with your final paper.
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Axia College Material Revising, Peer Reviewing, and Proofreading For the past few weeks, you have been working on your paper without focusing on revising or fixing mistakes. Now is the time to focus carefully on what you may improve or correct in your paper. Effective papers are revised numerous times. Revision takes place through revising, peer review, and proofreading. Revising The easiest way to find mistakes is to read your paper aloud, which may seem awkward at first, but you become more comfortable the more you do it. In the revision step, you focus on the following: Assignment requirements: Did you fulfill all the expectations outlined in the assignment directions? Reread the directions to make certain.
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Peer rEVIEW chklist - 1 2 CheckPoint Peer Review of...

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