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writing process..checkpoint due thurs 4-1-10

writing process..checkpoint due thurs 4-1-10 - Gus Arrieta...

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Gus Arrieta The Writing Process Com/140 4/1/10 Leisha Anderson The difference between my writing styles before this class to now after reading the steps in the writing process is that my own skills must be set at a halt to consider any editing or structural points. My writing process before school was at decent level already. I regularly make journal entries and daily notes as well as poems and assorted songs I’ve written throughout the years. Therefore, I was consistent with exercising my writing skills. The skills became both simple and difficult. The simple tasks are the prewriting sections of the entire writing process. I like to lay out my ideas to work with a key point from a descriptive imaginative perspective. I like to use illustrative descriptions to help grasp the main idea better for the audience and myself as well. The difficult part is the time to consider any resource to gather an efficient idea to my paper. The challenge is upon my patience. In order to make the learning process, I must know completely what I’m writing
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