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Review Sheet Test 1 over Sections 1.1-2.9 Given Friday, February 18, 2011 The link for the 3 rd edition (see Blackboard site) has links to web quizzes. There you can find chapter quizzes for Chapter 1 and 2, which would be good practice for preparing for the test. It says it grades the exam, but most of the grading you will have to do yourself (it shows your answer and their answer and you will have to compare them yourself. On the topics below is given a reference like (1a.10). This reference would mean that this topic is covered by a question on quiz 1a, question 10 in the 3 rd edition of the publisher's website. Some topics I think are important do not seem to appear within the given web quizzes. I have written my own quiz (on blackboard) to illustrate these topics. These are indicated as Q1, Q2, etc. There are also reference to review problems from the text. Find or estimate mean and median (including maximum and minimum estimates) from data including data in a chart. (1a.1, 1a.2), p. 53-4
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