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Unformatted text preview: Qatar University‐College of Engineering ‐ Department of Computer Science and Engineering Introduction to Computer Science CMPS 101 – HW‐1 Student Name ID Number Deadline Date Grading Q5. Page 72 Q13. Page 72 Q16. Page 73 Q13. Page 120 Q14. Page 120 Q17. Page 120 Q18. Page 120 Q23(b) and (c) Page 121 Q27. Page 121 Q28. Page 121 Total (100) 10‐04‐2011 (12:00 NOON) Handwritten submission ONLY. Print this page and fill in your information. Attach your answers to it. Deliver on or before the deadline date. Submit to the Computer Science TAs in the A‐ Section (ROOM 222) NO LATE SUBMISSIONS. Answers will be posted right after the deadline. ...
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