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Application Proposal Organization Description – The United Hispanic Pentecostal Churches is a not for profit organization with presence in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. They mainly serve the Hispanic community but have begun incorporating other cultures and languages. Current Application Status – Non-existent. Some of the churches in the organization have created static websites. The websites lack professionalism and do not make use of any applications. Application Users – The application will be used by different levels of people. Church leadership, members and visitors. Database – The database will include information on church locations, church activities, members personal information, ministry groups i.e., youth, children, men and women. The database will hold information on worship songs sang in the organization such as song lyrics, notes, author and language.
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Unformatted text preview: Additionally the database will store information on approved vendors for church materials and equipment. Application usage – Due to the lack of structure the church is unable to track the total number of active members. The have also been conducting redundant work, each church is creating their own song files, lesson plans, project files etc. A number of event conflicts have aroused due to the lack of a formal application. The intent is to have shared calendars, interactive maps, shared documents, photos, presentations etc. Members would be able to query the activities happening in their area, get information on the donations they have provided. Other Applications – Information request form, prayer request form, online donations form, guestbook, member messaging, live streaming....
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