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Final exam information 1. The exam is a closed-book exam for two hours . You will be asked to place all books, notebooks, backpacks, etc. on the floor near your seat. You may have an eraser, pencil and simple function calculator on the desk. 2. You may use a simple function calculator. Programmable calculators and cell phones are NOT permitted. 3. You must remove your hat or turn the brim to the back. 4. No food permitted during the exam. If you bring a drink, you must be prepared to place it onto the floor. 5. Bring a pencil to fill in the bubble form. Note: Please write down your seat number and your matric number in your exam paper! Show your work in a logical and clear way to earn partial credit, particularly for problem 1. This is because in problem 1, if you get one journal entry wrong, it is possible that the error will be carried forward to all the subsequent problems.
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Final exam information – con’t 6. The exam is worth 100 points structured as follows.
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