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Quiz 01 - (D The make-up exam will be comprehensive(6...

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KEYS IMSE 250 Quiz #1 (1) A student gets 100% on all the exams but has not done any assignments, has not taken any quizzes and has not earned any extra credits. According to the grading policy of this course, the best grade this student can get will be (A) A. (B) B. (C) C. (D) D. (2) Make-up quizzes _______ be given. (A) will (B) will NOT (3) Online homework assignments are due _________________. (A) Tuesday 9 am. (B) Thursday 9:00 am. (C) Thursday 12:30 pm. (D) No due date. (4) If you don’t show up to the class, is it OK for you to ask a friend to hand in your quiz sheet? (A) NO. Both you and your friend will receive “F” for the course. (B) Yes. (5) Which one of the following statements is false if you miss an exam for this course? (A) You cannot retake it since no make-up exams will be given. (B) You can retake it at the end of the semester. (C) There will be only one make-up exam that will be held at the end of the semester.
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Unformatted text preview: (D) The make-up exam will be comprehensive. (6) According to today’s lecture, manufacturing in the U.S. will all be moved to other countries. (A) True. (B) False. (7) The United States accounts for about ___________ of global manufacturing in 2004. (A) 1%. (B) 10%. (C) 25%. (D) 50%. (8) According to one of today’s video clips, which one on the following list is true? (A) Ford built a new manufacturing plant in Brazil. (B) Toyota built a new manufacturing plant in South Carolina. (9) One of today’s video clips showed manufacturing of ______________. (A) Aircraft. (B) Pizza. (C) Computers. (D) Milk. (10) In today’s video on “The Challenge of manufacturing,” several products are used to illustrate manufacturing. Which one of the following has NOT been mentioned in the video? (A) Music CD. (B) Jeans. (C) Bicycles. (D) Radio sets....
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