CJS 220 Week 7 DQ 2

CJS 220 Week 7 DQ 2 - terms should be given, not to punish...

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Explain the major purposes of the criminal trial process. Do you think this process is effective in  its goal to ensure justice, to serve the public, and to keep the rights of the defendants and  victims intact? Explain your answers. The criminal justice system varies widely. Personally, I feel that too much attention is  paid to the rights of the criminals and not enough to the victims. Also, longer prison 
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Unformatted text preview: terms should be given, not to punish the criminals, because they don't grasp the concept, but to protect the law-abiding public from them. There should also be more emphasis in prisons on ensuring that the prisoner will have a means of earning money. Instead, they leave with a bus ticket, have no place to stay and no trade. Result - they fall back into criminal ways....
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