CJA204-Court system-Fiction vs Reality

CJA204-Court system-Fiction vs Reality - Court system...

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Court system – Fiction vs Reality The 1992 film “A Few Good” men provides a fictional account of the military court martial system. The movie is based on the actual experiences of a member of the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps who was sent to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to defend a group of marines who had almost killed a fellow marine during a hazing that was ordered by a superior officer (ThisIsTheatre.com, n.d.). The trial is an eerie foreshadowing of the use of extreme force experienced years later in Guantanamo Bay. The marines guarding this area in both the film and in reality are under extreme pressure to perform by their commanders and colleagues. They are also charged with protecting the world from terrorist attacks while being separated from their families and friends for years at length. Marines are bound by the code of protecting “Unit, Corps, God and Country” in that order, but justice and honesty must be included for honor to prevail. The film examines this as the loyalty to the unit and corps is tested. In the film a marine mistakenly fires a live round and is punished with a “code red”. This is an unofficial disciplinary action ordered by the commanders and implemented by fellow squad members. In the film the offending marine is beaten and dies. A Lieutenant-Commander working as a lawyer in the Navy’s Internal Affairs Department (Demi Moore) asks to be assigned to the case along with another naval attorney played by Tom Cruise. She has no trial experience and has acted in a research and investigative capacity. Cruise’s character defends 2 marine privates who are on trial for killing the offending marine. Cruise’s character is a junior level officer who also lacks trial experience. Cruise’s character is the son of a renowned attorney and has developed his own reputation by successfully negotiating 44 plea bargains in his first 9 months as an attorney. In reality neither lawyer would have been assigned such a prominent case. In the film Cruise’ s character initially arranged for a plea bargain taking the path of least resistance rather than looking at his clients’ guilt or innocence or taking
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CJA204-Court system-Fiction vs Reality - Court system...

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