CJS 220 Law as a living body

CJS 220 Law as a living body - Law is defined as a living...

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Law is defined as a living body due to its state of constant review, change or alteration, and interpretation as it is applied by the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of state and federal governments. Laws are born as they are placed on the books, but they breathe and grow as they are interpreted and applied by law enforcement and judiciaries. In the biological sciences an organism must meet 6 biotic standards to be considered living. The first is that the organism must respond to its environment. Laws respond to the culture and society in which they are used, as well as the citizens and taxpayers who call for change. An organism must take in energy. Laws grow in strength as legislatures and judiciaries add to their relevance. Organisms must grow. Laws grow as the legislature expands their breadth and depth. The organism must reproduce. As 1 law leads to additional laws reproduction takes place. Organisms must rid themselves of waste. Laws routinely are removed from the books or modified by removing elements due to lack of applicability. Finally, organisms must have a form of respiration. As laws of precedence are applied by judges over and over they live and breathe (Neubauer, 2002). There are definitive differences between laws on the books, or cultural views, and laws in action, or courthouse justice. These are differences between the ideal nature of our legal system and the realities of the system in practice. The following are examples of the conflicts present. Citizens expect that all who violate laws will be charged and move
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CJS 220 Law as a living body - Law is defined as a living...

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