COM 285 week 2 Audience Analysis Paper

COM 285 week 2 Audience Analysis Paper - 1 Audience...

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1 Audience Analysis Running head: AUDIENCE ANALYSIS Audience Analysis
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2 Audience Analysis Audience Analysis Effective communication in the business world must be mastered in order to strive in a competitive market. XYZ Companies has called an in-person meeting with a group of stakeholders including managers, salespeople, and customers to address quarterly sales. In order to communicate effectively with the group, an audience analysis must be done to capture the audience’s attention. This paper is intended to analyze the audience’s characteristics, communication channels and various ways to deliver an effective message. The speaker must be able to realize the quarterly sales report may mean different things to different groups in the audience. A speaker must make preparations when dealing with a diversity filled audience (Locker, Kienzler, 2008). When dealing with a vast number of people a speaker must be willing to do his or her research to better understand the audience and the needs to the group. The speaker must also be able to maintain control of the audience. By allowing questions and feedback at certain times in the meeting process can avoid the speaker from losing total control of the meeting. Knowledge of where the company is and where the company needs to be will play a part in whether or not the meeting is a success. For example, if the quarterly sales show the XYZ Company is failing to meet expected goals, if the speaker is prepared, he or she may be able to satisfy the audience with preparations for the future. Knowing what each member of the audience is expecting and knowing how to make their positive goal a reality may be the key ingredient to saving the meeting. One must be prepared for the worst. The speaker must be willing be able to look at the audience’s point of view to gain a better understanding of how to approach a diverse group.
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COM 285 week 2 Audience Analysis Paper - 1 Audience...

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