COM 140 AP G Media in the courtroom

COM 140 AP G Media in the courtroom - Media in the...

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Media in the Courtroom Essay Writing Introduction: Democratic society ask media source to keep people informed and demands that they remain independent of official interference. Reports must be free to educate the public in making political choices. Being informed thus requires freedom of the press. How the debate on the Supreme Court Ruling Media in the courtroom: For many years, past and present members of the supreme court have gone on record objecting to cameras in the courtroom, with Justice David H Souter memorable saying in 1966 “ The day you see a camera come into the courtroom, it’s going to roll over my dead body”. The justice felt that for every one citizen who watched gravel to gravel their would be 100,000 who would watch a 15-second take-out from the feed. Passing the bill to let the media in the courtroom could serve as a crucial stepping stone for the federal judges who would permit camera in their courtroom. Judges by nature, by training, by job expectations, want control of their courtroom and when you bring cameras in, many judges feel they lose control, quoted by Mark Zaudere. By doing other things to increase transparency and access, that’ll call off the dogs and sort of relieve pressure for them to go all the way and allow cameras. As stated by Justice Mauro ‘The media ought to be in the circuit courts where it is allowed, they should use it or lose. Referring to the current law that allows coverage in appellate
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COM 140 AP G Media in the courtroom - Media in the...

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