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COM 150 AP C Media in the courtroom

COM 150 AP C Media in the courtroom - Axia College Material...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Brainstorming Techniques Click on any text and begin typing your ideas over the existing text. Submit this completed appendix as an attachment. COM 150 Media in the courtroom Chander vs. florida Public Opinion Supporting point Media Destractions Inside and outside media coverage Detail: Supreme Court ruling media does not limit Fairness of the trail or create an impartial trial Detail: OJ Simpson murder case trial Detail: World Trade Center media coverage Detail: What the media wont you to see Detail: the media’s persuation of the trial Detail ________________ Detail ________________ Detail: Canon 35 of Judicial Conduct Detail: Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial7
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COM 150 Idea: Virginia rule 8.01 Permission of the court required cameras and audio equipment may be permitted in and around the courtroom at the discretion of each presiding circuit judge or magistrate. Idea: The OJ Simpson trial was a media based trial inside and outside of the courtroom. Due to the press the public had their ruling before the trial started.
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