HIS 125 Week 7 Roaring twenties

HIS 125 Week 7 Roaring twenties - This paper is going to be...

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This paper is going to be about an era in American history known as the roaring twenties. The roaring twenties played some major part into how America is today this was a time of technology and innovation. In this paper we will discuss how these advancements changed the way America did business. Another big change that took place in this era were the way women were treated we will discuss how the war had changed the American views on women potential in the work force. Politics also did not go unchanged we will discuss the implementation of the 18 th Amendment. The first topic that I am going to discuss is the social aspects of the roaring twenties as mentioned above the twenties were a mile stone in making America what it is today. The biggest change in society was the treatment of women. Women had hard times finding good paying jobs that they were able to hold in the early 1900’s. In society, women were supposed to stay at home with the children, do all the household chores including dairy and tending to the gardens, as well as preparing all the food. A woman was not supposed to be part of the working world, but for some women, they did not have a choice. Women, who did have jobs, got paid very low salaries compared to men, and got very few hours. They were able to find jobs as school teachers or in factories if they were lucky. Many young women had to turn to prostitution, because they had no
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HIS 125 Week 7 Roaring twenties - This paper is going to be...

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