MGM Decision-Making Paper

MGM Decision-Making Paper - I am the manager of a franchise...

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I am the manager of a franchise fast food establishment. We pride ourselves in providing "healthy" alternatives to the usual fast food fare. Some examples of our menu offerings include: burritos made with organic flours and filled with vegetables and tofu, specialty omelets with artisinal cheeses, to name two items. We infuse our work environment with the spirit of giving back to the community in addition to treating each other with respect. Our staff is varied, from people close to retirement to college students- all shapes and sizes-one of our employees is in a wheelchair. He is our "lettuce guy" ; he meets with the local farmers to pick the bes that is available in our community. We are fortunate to be situated in Northern California, where the choices of fresh fruit and vegetable is endless. Amidst off of this bonhomie, I had to fire someone. Anna is a part time college student and works here 20 hours a week. Carefree and young for her age, I was impressed by her sparking personality and easy interchange with customers. She was chronically tardy and absent. I gave her many chances and both verbal and written warnings. She would always come up with some excuse or another-the train was running late, her dog was sick, her roommate kept her up all night with music. You name it. The girl had an endless supply of excuses. At the end of the day, I felt that she was taking advantage of my usually-patient nature by not taking me seriously. Actually I have heard this often from many people-that I was the type of person
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MGM Decision-Making Paper - I am the manager of a franchise...

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