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MGT 110 Project Manangement

MGT 110 Project Manangement - Name MTG110-12 Unit 2 IP In...

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Name MTG110-12 Unit 2 IP In today’s business world we are more technological advance in which company has to acquire outside help in developing a marketing strategy or even a project manager that will eventually deal with the scope a company project in able to present it to a company or a firm. That is why business has to have a multiple agency who can deliver a project in timely basis that require a certain amount of money in launching a project proposals. There are key factors when dealing the project in which the customers want specific items in project. The streamline the process for reimbursing employees mainly dealing with staff pharmacist and the intern in recruiting thus certain experience in the healthcare industry and thus intern who just finish their bachelor degree in pharmacology and even some small company has to reimburse employees when they have to buy office supplies that they need it right away can’t wait for the following days to be deliver. This one of the many things that has to do with streamlines the process for reimbursing employees. Effective objectives in project management are specific. A specific objective increases the chances of leading to a specific outcome (Miller, n.d.). The objectives of the streamline the process for reimbursing employees are the reimbursing the compensation package for staff pharmacist and intern such as travel time plus their mileage when they travel to another store to work. Also, in able to get employees the proper reimbursing process they have to fill out forms that require a copy of the receipt in able to get full reimburse their expenses, monthly rental invoice and etc…. This objectives can be done by to shorten the process, make the form easier to
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fill out without any complicated word just make it plain and simple, get all the employees familiar with the new processes in getting reimburse, assess how much money the new process will save the company in terms of less work for accounting, less unbilled hours for employees who currently have to take 15 minutes filling out the forms, and last   increased employee satisfaction since they will get their money back faster rather than wait for a long time to get their money back for related company expenses especially in the compensation packages. Furthermore, the salary, the rental of a apartment where the company will provide for the first
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MGT 110 Project Manangement - Name MTG110-12 Unit 2 IP In...

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