MGT 216 Ethical Issues in Management

MGT 216 Ethical Issues in Management - : Ethical Issues in...

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Ethical Issues in Management:  Termination through Layoffs     1 Ethical Issues in Management: Termination through Layoffs Of the ethical issues faced by management, termination of employees must be near the top of the list. In today's economic realities, companies are increasingly faced with making decisions that will impact the livelihoods and lives of their employees and families. These decisions sometimes involve the determination to lay off employees because of the fiscal situation of the company. The manner in which the companies handle the layoffs, and the history of the company with the employees, can make the difference between a smooth transition for the company and the employee and a harsh and abrupt transition in which resentments are built and potential breaches of ethics can result. Many companies, when faced with the prospect of terminating a large number of their employees, turn to Outplacement Coordinators, who will assist the employees in facing the reality of the situation and/or provide the employees with assistance in finding other employment. The services of these outplacement coordinators can include grief counseling (as employees go through the stages of grief over losing a job much like the stages of grief over the death of a loved one), career counseling, transition assistance, assistance in preparing and reviewing resumes, assistance in job hunts, and other assistance for which the company retains the coordinator. While the outplacement coordination began as an industry to assist employees move from the company to outside the company, it is slowly evolving to a company-centric circling of the wagons instead of the more altruistic assistance to employees. In other words, companies have now started to contract for the minimum services to assist them in avoiding litigation and "appeasing" the workforce. The former intention is starting to get lost in this new thinking.
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Ethical Issues in Management:  Termination through Layoffs     2 When one thinks of the views and attachments one has to his or her work, particularly long-term employees, providing them with the older model of transition assistance through outplacement coordination is an ethical practice. According to Phllis Erdman and Tom Caffery
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MGT 216 Ethical Issues in Management - : Ethical Issues in...

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