MGT 330 Organizational Structures

MGT 330 Organizational Structures - How do organizational...

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How do organizational functions affect organizational structures? How do your organization’s functions affect its organizational structure?(Assume Dell Inc. is my company) All companies have a defined organizational structure. The organizational structure involves the methods companies use to align resources, departments, and functions across the organization to achieve organizational goals. Organizational structures are both horizontal and vertical in nature. Differentiation means the organization has many parts, with a specialization of different individuals and groups in the organization performing different tasks, also known as a division of labor. Coordination is necessary to link various tasks, such as administrative tasks with specialized tasks, to assist the company in achieving its overall mission. Span of control affects the organizational structure because the number of subordinates reporting to each manager determines if the organizational structure is a tall structure or a flat, wide structure. Managers must also delegate tasks and responsibilities so that the manager can focus on assisting with higher-level responsibilities. Two types of organizations exist, the centralized organization and the decentralized organization. In the centralized organization, most of the decision-making occurs at the top and is disseminated to lower-level managers and employees, while the decentralized organization allows for decisions to be made at various levels throughout the organization. The functional organization is the response to the requirement for additional managers to assist the organization in meeting its goals. Departments are implemented and managers hire additional management beneath them to assume delegated tasks. This organizational structure is inflexible because the horizontal structure is too tall and therefore requires additional personnel to assume delegated
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tasks and assume decision-making processes. The answer to the issues with the functional organization is the divisional organization, where the tasks and divisions coordinate together and the resulting organizational structure has more vertical integration. Dell Corporation is a decentralized organization that encourages personnel from all levels
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MGT 330 Organizational Structures - How do organizational...

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