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Student Name :    _________________________ Instructions : For each assigned problem- 1. show your steps taken to get the final answer in the “Your Solution” space 2. restate the final answer in the last column 3. if the problem includes units of measure, be sure to include the units (e.g. “45 feet” or “32.1 meters”) 4. if the final answer is a fraction, make sure it is written in simplest form Be sure to put your full name at the top next to "Student Name". Then, when you finish your work, save your Word document using the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstinitial-Wk8-ChkPt.doc In other words, if Steve Jones is submitting the Week 1 Individual Assignment, his Word document would be named: JonesS-Wk8-ChkPt.doc Below are the problems included in this assignment. However, I do recommend working some odd-numbered problems in your textbook (not submitted for grading of course) along with these, so you can check your answers in the back of the book to see if you're working the problems correctly. Section Problem Number Your Solution Final Answer (Restate Your Final Answer Here) 9.1 16 Place the following set in ascending order: 7 2 , 2 1 , 7 1 , 7 6 , 7 3 - - Your Solution
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MAT115Week8Checkpoint done - MAT115CheckpointWeek8...

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