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PSY 240 Final - Critical Thinking

PSY 240 Final - Critical Thinking - 1 Many people don't...

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1. Many people don't realize that just as the body needs exercise to stay in shape, clear thinking requires effort and practice. Name and give five examples of each of the eight guidelines to critical thinking. Ans- Eight guidelines to critical thinking are- 1-Describe - state what it is What is it? Where is it? What is an example of it? What is it not? How does it act? 2 Analyze - break it down into its component parts What is it made up of? What are its sections? How many parts does it have? What does it contain? How do the different sections correlate? 3 Name the parts What are the different parts? How many different parts are there? How is this part similar to another part? Illustrate the different parts? Where the parts are generally found? 4 look at the relationships between the parts How do the different parts interact with each other? How are the different parts related to the whole subject? Whether there is a causal relationship between the parts? Whether there is a sequence between the parts? What is the relationship between
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