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PSY 240 Final - Culture of honor - The “culture of...

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4. What is meant by a "culture of honor"? What role does one's means of livelihood (herding vs. agriculture) play in this culture? Ans- “Culture of Honor” is a term that is used to describe the American southern culture. Culture of Honor is related to the use of violence for the purpose of maintaining a reputation. This was practiced mainly by man of that region to depict that they can protect all resources from predators. To maintain their reputation, these people always kept a vigil and always responded to any insult or threat with violence. The main element in a “culture of honor” is that a participant must be prepared to protect his reputation of toughness and strength with violence if necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: The “culture of honor” started way back and had good social and economic reasons behind it. The Southern United States was earlier inhabited by herders. These herders were highly aggressive and protective to the point of violence over their most valuable asset, their animals. These herders started this “culture of honor” to protect the means of their livelihood. The law of the region was also not very effective at that time. So, this culture was initiated to protect the means of livelihood of these vulnerable herders. Gradually, it took a form of violence in return of insult or threat or just to make a reputation. Reference:
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