PSY 430 WK 2 QUIZ-3

PSY 430 WK 2 QUIZ-3 - Week 2 Quiz - worth 100 points Mark...

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Week 2 Quiz - worth 100 points Mark one answer by highlighting the letter marking your answer in red. Example: When a member attempts to change the topic, which conflict style is the member using? a. Accommodation b. Avoidance c. Collaboration d. Competition e. Compromise Multiple Choice - 39 points Multiple Choice - 39 points 1. Problem solving occurs when a group a. reaches a conclusion. b. passes judgment on an issue under consideration. c. develops a plan for reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of a problem . d. chooses among alternatives. e. analyzes the history, causes, and effects of a problem. 2. All of the following statements describe decision making in groups EXCEPT a. Groups usually take less time to make a decision than an individual working alone. b. A group generates more ideas than an individual working alone. c. Groups generally produce better decisions than individuals. d. all of the above e. none of the above 3. As a decision-making method, voting works best when a. a group is not pressed for time. b. an issue is highly controversial. c. a group is small enough to make vote counting easy. d. there is no other way to break a deadlock. e. the group usually uses voting to make decisions. 4. A company's recycling task force is composed of 15 members. If the task force makes decisions based on a consensus, how many members must be in favor of the group decision? a. 5 b. 7 c. 8 d. 10 e. 15 5. All of the following guidelines help a group achieve consensus EXCEPT a. Get everyone involved in the discussion. b. Welcome differences of opinion. c. Listen carefully to other members. d. Use techniques such as trading one decision for another . e. Don't be stubborn and argue only for your own position.
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6. What are the signs of a false consensus? a. Every group member agrees to support a decision or action. b. In order to avoid disagreement and conflict, group members agree on a common decision. c. In order to achieve consensus, all group members take part in shaping a decision. d. A decision is made that avoids a win/loss vote. e. Consensus presents a united front to outsiders. 7. There are 12 members in your group. How many members must be in favor of a proposal when de- ciding by authority rule? a. 1 b. 6 c. 7 d. 10 e. 12 8. A company's recycling task force gathered information on various recycling programs and met several times to choose which program would best suit the needs of the company. The group's re- commendation was presented to the company's vice president of operations, who ultimately chose a program other than the one recommended by the task force. Which method of decision making was used in this situation? a. authority rule b. consensus c. majority vote d. minority rule e. 2/3 vote 9. "How many of our company employees hire a daycare provider to watch their children during the workday?" This group discussion question represents a question of a. policy.
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PSY 430 WK 2 QUIZ-3 - Week 2 Quiz - worth 100 points Mark...

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