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How does one progress through the stages and why should one want to progress through this process in the first place? Share how you will develop your thinking skills in order to grow as a leader and a scholar. The transition from a stage to another stage should be stealthily. The first three stages take a long time and there are people out there that stop at one of these stages remaining simple non-reflexive thinkers. A high-school or a college graduate should at least posses a reflexive thinking in order to have the possibility of proceding further in the art of thinking. The higher purpose for which these stages are passed through, this whole process, is to achieve a thinking which does not put the self in the center of the universe, a thinking that is freeminded, that is healthy in it`s whole. If nowadays few people get to know these things and only fewer are the happy that encounter theirselves in the sixth stage of thinking, the one that is called
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Unformatted text preview: a master thinking, in the future is foreseen that this stage will not be achievable for anybody. At this moment I consider myself being in the fourth stage of thinking, that what is called “the practical thinking”, because from my point of view I manage not to consider myself in the center of the universe, I manage to bypass the egocentrism and I am starting to understand the way the thinking is structured. Until this moment I have had a long way to go, the first stages have been very tough and very slow to pass, but the circumstances and the nature of the events made me be where i`m finding myself at this moment and I know that to get to a total success I have to pass few more stages, but I have the certainty that what was harder is now behind. In fact, a positive thinking is the key to success....
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