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PSY Intelligence Testing - Intelligence Testing...

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Intelligence Testing Introduction Creative thinking requires divergent thought characterized by fluency, flexibility, and originality. Creative solutions are usually practical, sensible, and original. Much creative work is actually incremental problem solving. Studies suggest that there is little correlation between IQ scores and creativity. Various strategies, including brainstorming, tend to enhance creative problem solving. Intelligence is defined as a general capacity to act purposefully, think rationally, and deal effectively with the environment. Intelligence is determined partially by heredity; however, environment is also an important factor as revealed by changes in intelligence induced by schooling and stimulating surroundings. There are some individuals who can read by the age of two and others who do not start reading until they are six. Intelligence is often gauged by intelligence tests. Intelligence Testing In 1904, Alfred Binet created a test to determine if children were performing up to their potential. In 1916 Lewis Terman and others at Stanford University revised the test for use in North America. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales test continues to be widely used. The test, which determines a person’s mental age, asks age appropriate questions and can be given to individuals from age 2 to 90. A second major intelligence test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Group intelligence tests are also available. Intelligence is expressed as an intelligence quotient (IQ). The distribution of IQ scores approximates a normal curve. There are no overall differences between males and females in tested intelligence. An average IQ of 100 occurs when mental age equals chronological age. Only 2 people out of 100 score above 140 on IQ tests,
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PSY Intelligence Testing - Intelligence Testing...

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