SCI Dehydration - Dehydration-1 Dehydration Effects Upon...

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Dehydration - 1 - Dehydration: Effects Upon The Body [YOUR NAME HERE] [CLASS SUBJECT HERE] [PROFESSOR’S NAME HERE] date
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Dehydration - 2 - Our bodies are consisted of two-thirds part water. It is well known that water is essential for the maintenance for the health of a human body. Our body requires a minimum that we consume at least one liter of water each day. With a lack of this basic necessity occurs what is known as dehydration – when an individual loses too much body fluid. For the most favorable functioning of the body to occur, drinking at least eight to twelve glasses of water each day is necessary. Drinking water flushes out impurities and retained water. Bodily fluids are required in order to carry out various bodily functions as well as for normal activity. Since body fluid is continuously diminishing, replenishment of this water through drinking enough water is optimal. Considering that water has many important functions within the human body, it can appropriately be assumed that water is essential. It aids the digestive system in breaking down and digesting food, as well assisting in the absorption of toxic substances that accumulate within our muscles, bones, and tissues. Water allows for the kidneys to appropriately function and aids in excretory functions. It is also necessary for the functioning of the growth hormones. Water is essential for the good health of the cells of the human body since cells not only contain water but are also surrounded by water. Dehydrated cells become shriveled and cannot function properly. Since cells drive all the functions of the human body, hence water is essential to maintain cell health. Water also helps in weight reduction and breakdown of fat in the body. It maintains proper muscle tone and prevents sagging skin. A shortage of too much water in the body from feeling sick, and vomiting and
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SCI Dehydration - Dehydration-1 Dehydration Effects Upon...

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