SCI 275 WK 2 Malathian

SCI 275 WK 2 Malathian - Malathion Assessment 1 Malathion...

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Malathion Assessment Malathion Assessment 1
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Malathion Assessment West Nile Virus is an extremely dangerous and life threatening disease that has continued to be a problem for this country. There have been many cases of this virus, and unfortunately many fatalities. One of the many cities that have recently experienced a problem with this disease is Genericville. This problem is caused mosquitoes that indulge in the wonderful wetlands that this city has. Not only are mosquitoes pests, but they are the carrier of the West Nile Virus. In order to limit this virus from spreading and causing more cases and casualties in Genericville, there needs to be a safe way to get rid of or limit the number of mosquitoes that are indulging in the several wetlands that Genericville has. One of the solutions that have been suggested is the use of Malathion by doing an aerial spraying and ground application throughout Genericville. Malathion has been used in another city before, which will provide sufficient information for a decision on whether to use this for our city. In order for me to evaluate this solution properly, I need to look at the benefits versus the risks. Our city thrives on summer tourism and its residents, and wants to keep it that
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SCI 275 WK 2 Malathian - Malathion Assessment 1 Malathion...

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