ACC Jan - 200 Cash 200 to record advertising expense 20-Jan Cash 700 Account Receivable 700(Received cash from customer 23-Jan Accounts payable 300

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Page # j1 General journal For the month of January Date General Journal P.R Debit Credit 2-Jan Cash 10000 common stock 10000 ( invested Cash in common stock ) 3-Jan Car 4000 Cash 4000 ( to record purchase of car for cash ) 9-Jan supplies Accounts payable 500 ( to record purchase of supplies on account) 500 11-Jan Accounts Recievable 1800 Services revenue 1800 ( to record services revenu on accounts) 16-Jan Advertising Expense
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Unformatted text preview: 200 Cash 200 ( to record advertising expense) 20-Jan Cash 700 Account Receivable 700 (Received cash from customer) 23-Jan Accounts payable 300 Cash 300 ( to record payment of liablities ) 24-Jan Retained earning 1000 Dividend payable 1000 ( to record declaration of dividend 24-Jan Divident payable 1000 Cash 1000 ( to record payment of dividends)...
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