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Del E. Webb School of Construction Field Internship – Summer 2011 CON 296 – GUIDELINES & SYLLABUS Student Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Student ID Number: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________ I. Overview CON 296 [320 hours work program, 1 semester credit, course registration with ASU is required] This CON 296 Field Internship is part of the graduation requirement for students enrolled after spring 2001. The internship experience is intended to enhance classroom learning with a related, meaningful work experience that helps the student find direction for career interests and set priorities for career aspirations. Students should seek an internship that complements their planned career path. Internships should coincide with their academic concentration. Any questions as to the suitability of a planned internship should be discussed with Matthew Eicher in advance of the start of the internship. During the internship, the student should seek exposure to multiple construction processes involving field operations. This internship is mandatory for all students enrolled in the undergraduate program at the Del E. Webb School of Construction. Student experiences vary as greatly as the construction industry is diverse. The Del E. Webb School of Construction will work with each student to maximize his or her internship towards an appropriate graduation goal. If you are unsure if your internship qualifies for credit, please consult with Matthew Eicher prior to making a commitment with a potential employer. II. Documents needed to initiate internship ASU Student Placement Agreement – This is the first of three documents needed to prepare for internship approval. The Student Placement Agreement is a standard form written by the Office of General Counsel (OGC) to define the terms and obligations of the internship sponsor and Arizona State University. Any modifications to the Student Placement Agreement desired by the internship sponsor must be approved by the OGC before we can process any internship paperwork.
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Guidelines_Syllabus_296_Field_Summer_2011 - Del E. Webb...

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